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Far Infrared Saunas: FAQ

What is far infrared?

Infrared is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and is just outside visible light, between radio waves and visible light. It has a longer wavelength than visible light and harmful wavelengths like ultra-violet and x-rays. Far infrared is a particular wavelength within the infrared part of the spectrum among the others which include short and medium waves.

How long should I stay in a far infrared sauna?

It's difficult to determine a time as every person's body is different. Where one person may feel it is time for them to vacate the sauna after 10 minutes, another person may feel to get out at 30 minutes. It's very important to stay hydrated when in the sauna and to step out when feeling uncomfortable or when your body is telling you it wants to leave; don't push it.

How hot do far infrared saunas reach?

Far infrared saunas can reach up to approximately 65°C.

How hot should the far infrared sauna be set?

This is up to the user. If you like it hot and can tolerate the high temperature you can set it to whatever temperature the control panel allows.

Is far infrared safe?

The human body itself emits infrared; far infrared is completely safe. When you look at any object or biological organism that emits heat, for example the human body, through an infrared camera, that object will appear red. This is because all living things and warm objects emit infrared. A good example of this is police helicopter technology. When searching for a fugitive who has escaped in the night, the helicopter turns on their infrared camera which shows the human as being bright red, allowing the police to see the person all the way from the helicopter even when it's impossible to see the felon in the dark with normal vision.

How long does it take for a far infrared sauna to heat up?

It takes about 10-20 minutes on average for a far infrared sauna to heat up to a point where sweat induction will quickly start.

Does a far infrared sauna cost a lot to run?

Far infrared saunas can be very inexpensive to run. Different suppliers use different heating technologies which will affect how much electricity is being used. A single person carbon fibre far infrared sauna may use about 1.4KW of electricity per hour. Therefore, you can easily calculate the cost (1.4 x Cost of 1 KW hour which your electricity supplier is offering).


  • CD Player - Far infrared saunas are designed to be a place to get away and relax. This is why many far infrared saunas have a CD player in them, some with the capability of connecting an MP3 player to them, so you can listen to your favourite audio tracks while relaxing in the sauna. Some people find it a great place to learn by putting on an audio book, they sit back in the sauna soaking in not only the warmth but also the information with no distractions.
  • Control Panel - The control panel in most infrared saunas is very simple, controlling the length of the sauna session and the temperature of the infrared sauna session.
  • DVD - Some far infrared saunas may even have a DVD player and a screen inside the sauna for you to watch your favourite programmes or movies. You won't be able to watch an entire movie during one sitting though!

Far Infrared Sauna Installation

Installation of far infrared saunas varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A lot of the infrared saunas are straight forward and simple to install with installation being complete from start to finish in as little as 30 minutes. As the power consumption of infrared saunas is relatively low, the majority of them can simply be plugged into the wall.

Sauna Wood Types

Different woods have different finishes, colours, grains and smells. Basswood is also hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn't irritate those who are chemically sensitive. Spruce, cedar and hemlock are other types of wood from which infrared saunas can be constructed. Each type of wood has its own positives and negatives.
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